MangoBot Community Reviews

MangoBot Community Reviews

Robert S. Reviews MangoBot
Steven C. Reviews MangoBot at CES 2018

Coding is an essential part of kids developing their STEM skills, and now children as young as three can learn how to code thanks to Little Tinkerer’s new MangoBot. What’s more, is that children can learn the basics of coding through physical play without having to use a screen. Kids simply connect commanding blocks together to direct MangoBot around a map, and can also control its facial expressions, helping them understand emotions as well.

Aslam Amal


You had me at ‘MangoBot.

Evan Ackerman


By minimizing the use of a screen, the company has created a device that gets young people playing and learning about technology without being reliant on screened devices. The toy has kids simply connect commanding blocks together to direct the MangoBot around the specific map, controlling its facial expressions and helping children understand emotions as well.

Madison Mackay


Little Tinkerer’s founder and CEO Dawn Zhang came up with the idea for Mangobot after learning that children between 18 months and five years old should limit the amount of time spent on screens to one hour per day…While other coding kits for kids typically involve using screen-based devices like tablets and smartphones, such as those developed by Kano and Nintendo, Mangobot is completely screenless.

Aimée McLaughlin


Many argue that kids need to learn how to code ASAP to be prepared for an increasingly digital world. PSFK has seen many ideas on how to teach kids the complicated science, including through modular objects and the Internet of Things. Startup toymaker Little Tinkerer proposes a toy that’s devoid of digital displays but still familiarizes kids with the basic principles of coding. MangoBot is an adorable robot on wheels that receives commands from a control module. To use it, children connect several commands to the control module and press play. MangoBot executes each command similarly to how computers execute computer code.

Leo Lutero


One mother is developing a tool to teach children how to code, without adding to their screen time. Dawn Zhang is the Founder and CEO of Little Tinkerer and joins Cheddar to discuss her company’s new MangoBot educational toy.


It’s like the Codeapillar on steroids

Anya C., Parent (via Facebook)

Teachers can use MangoBot with students of all levels. Children are encouraged to imagine, without being too abstract.

Early Learning IB Curriculum Teacher

My kiddo would LOVE this. He asks every day for a robot he can program – but he’s only 4 the toys on the market now are either a little too advanced or won’t keep him entertained for very long.

Jenn O., Parent (via Facebook)

Love how simple, easy, and fun it is for kids. And it’s coding without screens!


So excited to see this come to fruition, and can’t wait to start playing with my boys!

Theodore C., Parent

I’ve seen a lot of startups pitching–and MangoBot is really creative & valuable.

Angel Investor & Father

Your product (Mangobot) looks great, and something I would be interested in sharing with the children who visit our museum.

Lois L. Museum Educator

MangoBot encourages tots to use their logic to explore and learn coding concepts while playing. I think it’s never too early to teach your littlest ones coding in this day and age, and MangoBot looks like a good starting point.

Ying T.

Computational Physicist, Software Developer, NY

Mangobot is an innovative pre-literacy coding tool that is engaging and beneficial for students. By combining robotics, coding, literacy, and a fun toy, children are engaged and captivated by this product. Not only does this toy teach the basics of coding, but it also reinforces storytelling and literacy through the story modules that follow the coding instructions. This is a great way to develop literacy skills and reinforce reading in reluctant readers. Mangobot also gives a bodily-kinesthetic ‘touch’ to coding and literacy, while giving students time away from screens. Mangobot is revolutionary tool that students love, but is also a great multipurpose tool for creating successful students of tomorrow.

Aaron Moniz

Inspire Citizens Educational Consultant, ISB Futures Academy Grade 7 Team Leader and Learning Specialist

When I saw this technology I was curious. We do have Dash and Dot and OSMO, but I thought this might be for the very first intro into robots and coding. I also like the emotion part of the robot, something that isn’t currently on the market as far as I know. Looking forward to trying it!

Nanci D.

Pre-K School Owner & University-level Pre-K STEM Teacher

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