MangoBot Coding Kit

Ages 3 & Up
Learn coding fundamentals without using screens! Snap blocks together to move MangoBot around a map, learning functions, looping, and more.

Everything Your Child Needs to Start Coding


Made of smooth plastic that’s in a loveable shape. A small screen to display emotions such as happy or sad.

Coding Blocks

A coding language that clicks and snaps together just like LEGO(R) bricks. Each block is an action. Combine them to create programs.

Core Coding Blocks
Function Coding Blocks
Conditional Logic Coding Blocks


Expand play time with maps and interchangeable cards, with educational books and challenges that will take your chils on fantastic coding adventures.


Select and connect a block to command MangoBot around the map!

Technical Specifications

Pack Size: 11”(w) x 10”(h) x 4”(d)
Pack Weight: 3.3lb
Mat Size: 3ft x 3ft
Mat Materials: Washable cotton & others
Bot Materials: Plastic & Others
Bot Battery: Rechargeable Lithium & Micro USB Charging
Life: 5 Hours Continuous Play
Code Processor Battery: 2 AA Batteries & Over 20 Hours
Connection: Bluetooth
Range: 33 ft
Expected Certifications: CE, FCC, 3C, RohS
Sensors: Sound, Touch
Safety: Ages 3 & Up. Pieces are safe if toddler chews, touches, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Function Coding Blocks

The Core Pack is best for 3-6 year olds who want to have fun and might learn a little coding along the way. The Complete Pack includes everything in the Core Pack, plus more fun challenges that kids 6 & up will enjoy. Even Adults can learn something new!

What are the details on shipping?

Shipping in August 2018. We’re in production right now, and you’ll be an exciting part of this Mom-preneur’s first production run!

What’s Unique about MangoBot?

A huge step up from the meaningless toys we give our kids to keep quiet. Each piece engages and challenges young children to explore and play, which is in line with the Montesorri school of experiential learning.

Safety, Certification, and Durability?

This super durable robot can withstand a good amount of rough play from kids. It’s splashproof, so just wipe it of with a damp cloth. It will have the following certifications: CE, FCC, 3C, RohS.

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