As the children’s coding education market continues to grow with no sign of slowing down, few can actually compare to what this little robot can do: teaching kids the basic principles of coding through hands-on play and without screens.

Voted as 2018’s Best New Robotics Toy to Teach Coding and STEM Skills, Mangobot is an adorable little robot on wheels that receives commands from a control module. To use it, children connect a number of command blocks to the control module and press play. These basic commands help Mangobot navigate a map full of adventures. Not only does Mangobot teach children computational thinking, but also social and emotional learning and storytelling skills. Through one of the most popular features, the record and playback ability, kids develop different storylines and narrate Mangobot’s journey themselves. They encounter different animals, overcome different obstacles, and use the emotion commands to reflect different emotions in different contexts.

Even though Mangobot is suggested for children aged 3 and up, the toy also uses its modularity so that it can “grow” with its owner. Mangobot has more complicated functions if the child craves a bit more challenge. With different maps, animal and plant characters, children can use their imagination to create their own solutions to more complicated problems.

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Dawn Zhang, the founder and CEO of Mangobot’s parent company Little Tinkerer, was inspired to create this product by her three-year-old son:


“With MangoBot, children are learning more than just technical script on a computer, it’s a way for them to create, learn and engage – without the screen. My ultimate goal was to create something that would not be daunting or isolating, but rather purposely made to allow kids to problem solve, interact with friends and family and most importantly, grow freely.”


Since launching a few months ago, Mangobot has garnered accolades from parents, education professionals, and computer scientists alike.


“After playing with Mangobot for a few seconds, my 4-year-old son was completely engaged in learning sequencing and having a blast without being glued to a screen. This toy is groundbreaking and will provide a seamless transition for him into STEM learning in school. He now tries to treat all his boring stationary toys like Mangobot!”
— Sarah, mother



“I just wanted to tell you how much we love our new Mangobot. I really hope you guys keep up the promotion and get the message out there. I’m a software engineer by day and do some volunteer work teaching coding to kids, I’ve encountered a variety of bot tools over that time, but I genuinely think you’ve made something special here, so much scope for the future too!”
— Tom, software engineer



“Not only does this toy teach the basics of coding, but it also reinforces storytelling and literacy through the story modules that follow the coding instructions. This is a great way to develop literacy skills and reinforce reading in reluctant readers. Mangobot also gives a bodily-kinesthetic ‘touch’ to coding and literacy, while giving students time away from screens. Mangobot is a revolutionary tool that students love, but is also a great multipurpose tool for creating successful students of tomorrow.”
— Aaron Moniz, Inspire Citizens Educational Consultant, Former ISB Futures Academy Grade 7 Team Leader and Learning Specialist


Our curious and imaginative kids need the tools to become the creative thinkers and problem solvers of the next generation. Order your Mangobot today and start your children on an incredible learning adventure!